Hunter Hayes is shit. There. I said it. He’s not even country. He’s pop. He’s the male Taylor Swift.

ill be your redneck romeo thinks ppl care enough about his opinion to tag it more at 11



Harry’s first gig: The Rocket Summer, Manchester

If you come to a Rocket Summer show you may become wildly famous. Harry from One Direction talks about his first show.  Nice!


I was going through my itunes and found a cover I did when I was 16! This is my cover of a song called “Upward Over The Mountain” by Iron and Wine. I love singing this style of music. It’s so much fun. Enjoy! Or dont and make fun of me :D



Issues // King of Amarillo


Mason — Everybody’s Watchin’ Ft. The Ready Set

Download this track for FREE here along with another track produced by Jordan!